Hi Mama!

You are probably here because you and your child have had another rough night (let’s be honest, nights) of sleep. Coffee no longer has its magical wake-inducing affect on you and you seem to be stuck in a dark, endless tunnel of sleepless nights.


I see you.  And you are not alone.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a passion for analyzing behaviors and finding solutions to adapt or modify behaviors. In 2018, I completed my Master’s degree in Behavior Analysis and began working with families with special needs children. I have worked with many children over the years, ranging from special needs to typically developing, but one common theme of every family is sleep (or lack there of). Sleep is not only a human behavior; it’s a science! I work with overwhelmed, exhausted parents, trying to get their child to sleep. I know the in’s and out’s of sleep behaviors and I also know the in’s and out’s of your child’s behavior. They are master avoiders and will try every trick in the book to avoid sleep, am I right?


That is where I come in. I believe you, as a parent, are already equipped with the skills to produce results, but sometimes you need a little guidance in uncover those skills and putting them to use. I come alongside you, gathering information on your current sleep routines and struggles and create a plan that best fits with your child’s specific sleep needs, as well as your family life. I take the guesswork out of sleep and guide you and your family to a restful & restorative sleep. You are not alone in this and I will be your biggest cheerleader each step of the way.


Don’t stay in the dark, let me show you what you (and your child) can do!


Here’s your next move:


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If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out here (attach link).


Better sleep is just a click away!