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3 Benefits of a Bath at Bedtime

Most children love playing at bath time, but did you know adding bath time into your night routine can actually help your child sleep better? Here are 3 reasons why I believe you should consider making bath time part of your nightly bedtime routine:

Great Transition from Playtime to Sleep Time

Including a bath in your nightly bedtime routine is the perfect way to help shift your child from playtime to sleep time. It’s no secret that most children would prefer to play over sleep, so adding in a bath as part of your routine will help ease this transition. Your little one has a little extra time to play, getting out those extra squirms and giggles before changing into PJ’s and going to bed.

Bonding Time

Bath time is a great space for one-on-one playtime with your child. This is one time of day when your child knows they will have 100% of your attention and I guarantee they will soak it up! Show them the joy of splashing water, talk about their toys, pour water over their back and arms – connect and have fun!

Prepares the Body for Sleep

While in the bath, the warm water will slowly raise your child’s core body temperature. Once you remove them from the bath, their temperature will slightly lower. This dip in temperature triggers the body to release melatonin causing your little one to feel sleepy, naturally preparing the body for sleep. Research has shown when that when our core body temperature drops 2-3 degrees it is easier to fall asleep.

Adding a bath into your nightly routine is beneficial in so many ways! Try it tonight and help your child prepare for a good night of sleep. For more information on bedtime routines check out this blog.


Already have a bedtime routine, but still feel like you’re in an endless cycle of bedtime battles? I’d love to connect with you and help you with a plan to end bedtime battles for good


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