• Danielle Elwell

14 Ideas for a Fun Date Night

Updated: Feb 10

We love date nights in this household and Valentine’s Day is almost here! We may have had to get a little more creative since adding a little one, but we love our time together too much to go without a date at least once a month. Whether it's outside of the home or a date night in, it is so beneficial for our relationship to be intentional about setting time aside for just us.

This valentine’s day, I encourage you to schedule a date night too.Whether it’s outside of your home or a date night in – plan something! There’s lots of fun to be had once the kids are in bed!

Not sure what to do? Here are some of our favorite go-to date night ideas:

Whether you choose to go out or stay in, make time to be together this Valentine’s Day (or this weekend) for your relationship.