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14 Fun Date Night Ideas

We love date nights in this household and Valentine’s Day is almost here! I am more of a homebody than my husband, so while he plans our date nights out, I happily plan our date nights in. Some of my favorite date nights are ones where we never even leave the house. We currently have an on-going (you might say never-ending) game of Axis & Allies going on and while the game isn't really my cup of tea, it's been fun to sit down in the evenings after the little one is down and just enjoy each other’s company without distractions. Taking time for our relationship has always been important to us, but ever since adding a little one we have had to get a little more creative and intentional about setting aside time for just us.

Next week is Valentine’s Day, so of course I encourage you to schedule a date night next week or over the weekend. Whether it’s outside of your home or a date night in – plan something!

Not sure what to do? Here are some of our favorite go-to date night ideas:

Going OUT:

1. Go see a movie

2. Explore your own city – drive around until you find a new restaurant or dessert place to try

3. Buy a new outfit (or bust out a fun dress you haven’t worn in a while) and go to a fancy dinner

4. Find a local place to enjoy some live music

5. Try a new coffee shop or bar

6. Take a cooking class together

7. Try out a local escape room (invite some friends along to make it even more fun!)

Staying IN:

1. Cook a special dinner or bake a dessert together (or favorite go-to dessert is a skillet cookie – soo good!)

2. Have a game night and try out some homemade cocktails - Some of our favorite games – Codenames Duet, Pandemic, and at-home escape rooms (these are so fun!)

3. Solve a mystery together – We love Unsolved Case Files: cold case murder mystery game. You can get in it online or we’ve also found it at Target

4. Create your own comedy night (make appetizers + cocktails, light some candles, and turn on your favorite comedian for an at-home comedy show – we love doing this!)

5. Grab a cozy blanket and read a book together

6. Have dinner on the porch (or create a picnic inside) and look up “would you rather questions.” This is another personal favorite because you never know what you might learn about each other!

Have fun trying these out and coming up with your own! There’s lots of fun to be had once the kids are in bed!


Do you find it difficult to go out because your little one can only be put down by you or your spouse? I would love to connect with you! At Guiding Star Sleep, I help families make date nights possible by teaching parents how to establish consistent schedules and routines that can be done by anyone. A well-rested child, with consistent routines in place is much more comfortable with a babysitter because they know what to expect and their body wants the sleep! Click this link to schedule your free 15-minute Introductory call!


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