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How to Navigate Schedule Changes: Easter Edition

Is it just me, or is this year already flying by? I can hardly believe Easter is this weekend, but here we are! Growing up, Easter (all holidays, really) were spent visiting one or both of our grandparents. It was a day filled with lots of activities, socializing and not a lot of sleep. This blog serves as your guide for navigating schedule changes this Easter season. Honestly, you can apply this to any occasion! Choose the option that bests suits your family and enjoy your day!

Going to Someone’s House:

If going to someone’s house call ahead and ask if they have a space where you can put your little one down for a nap and if they would mind if you brought along a pack n’ play to set up. If yes, then be sure to bring the PNP, along with other helpful sleep items, like a travel white noise, sleep sack, and familiar lovies and/or stuffed animals. If you need to help your little one to sleep because of the extra stimulation and noise, that’s okay! Do what you need to do to get the nap in.

If there is not room available for a Pack n’ Play, ask if you can go into another room to rock your little one to sleep. Even if you don’t normally do contact naps, on a day where the schedule is a little whacko, a contact nap is definitely okay. Enjoy those extra snuggles!

If you live close by:

Go home for nap time. Your child will always sleep best in their own sleep space. If you live close by, it may be worth it for you to just go home, get in a quick nap and return to the party after. If this is not possible, refer back to option 1.

Early Bedtime.

Your secret weapon for off days. Whether all your attempts were a flop or even if your child had a little nap, an early bedtime will be a must. When day sleep is missed or slightly off, an early bedtime of at least 30-60 minutes will help your child make up for the lost sleep. Do a mini bedtime routine when you get home, skipping the bath and focusing on getting into bed within 5-10 minutes.

Other Options:

  • Prioritize one nap. If your child is on multiple naps, make one nap the priority. If you know you’ll have a busy afternoon, prioritize the morning nap or vice versa.

  • Allow for a car nap. If you know you are going to have a drive, allow your child to snooze in the car. It will not be the most restorative sleep, but it will do for one day.

  • Just go with it. It is okay to just go with the flow! Sleep may be off for a day or two after as they catch up, but if you go straight back into your normal routines and do 1-2 nights of an early bedtime, you’ll be back on track in no time!

No matter what option you choose, make the decision ahead of time and move forward in that plan with confidence. You might receive some pushback or some not-so-nice comments – that’s okay. You’re the parent. You get to make the decision that is best for you AND your child.

What I want you to remember most of all: enjoy your day. While I am passionate about sleep, I also am passionate about having fun and making memories with your family and friends. Even if sleep is off, don’t sweat it. You will get back on track tomorrow.


Are you feeling like you have had endless days of off sleep? I would love to chat! Contact me here to discuss a plan that will get your sleep back on track.


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