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My Favorite Travel Items

At home your child's sleep environment is perfectly curated to fit their needs so they sleep well. When you’re in a new space it can be difficult to replicate the environment your child is accustomed to at home, but it is not impossible! We have traveled often with out little one in her almost 2 years of life and these products have helped all of us get better sleep while we are away.

Remember: These products are not magic solutions to fix your child’s sleep but are tools to help create a more familiar sleep environment in an unfamiliar place. It is not uncommon for children's sleep to be more restless during vacation. Check out this blog for more tips on how to manage sleep while on vacation!

Okay, on to the good stuff! Here are my recommended (and favorite) products to use during travel:

Blackout Solutions:

(my all-time favorite! We don’t travel without it.)

  • Portable sleep solution. Can be safely placed over travel cribs or playards and blocks out all light. Includes a fan pouch for small fan or white noise machine and has ventilation flaps for airflow. Great for creating a familiar sleep environment when in unfamiliar places.

  • Perfect for hotel stays or when sharing a room with parents or siblings

  • Can easily be packed into your suitcase

  • Absolutely worth the investment!

  • Great for on-the-go sleep!

  • Suctions directly to the window to block out all light

  • Can easily be packed into a carry-on or diaper bag

Black Trash Bag + Painters Tape

  • Super inexpensive and simple option for an easy blackout solution and easy to pack!

  • Cut trash bags at seams and use painters tape to attach it to wall around the window border. Use multiple trash bags for larger windows.

White Noise Options:

  • This is my personal favorite for travel, however it does need to be plugged in.

  • This one is a bit cheaper and rechargeable, so no need to keep it plugged in! Great for naps on the go or airplane travel.

  • Great for use in the car and airplanes as well!

Travel Bed Options:

  • This crib is compact, lightweight, comes with backpack carrying case, and has an easy access zipper on the side

  • This crib is compact, lightweight and easy to set up and take down

Sleep can be difficult during vacations as routines are different, schedules are off, and the environment is all new. But, with these products your can help your child feel more at ease and sleep more comfortable during the day and through the night.

My best advice for vacation, is set your expectations low and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have perfect sleep schedules. Enjoy your time away and make those precious memories. You will get back on track when you get home!

Are you struggling to get back on track after a vacation? Or maybe you feel like you’ve never been on track and are looking for some support. I would LOVE to connect with you. Schedule your free 15-minute Introductory call here.


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